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Van Detail

Pop-up VAN Mitsubishi Delica "D: POP"


DAILY RATE ¥ 10,000

Pop-up VAN Mitsubishi Motors Delica D: 5 "D: POP"

Delica D: 5 has four‐wheel drive(4WD). Because it boasts overwhelming tracking performance on rough roads, it is most suitable for use in the car for snowy mountains and ski areas in ski and snowboard areas.

In the electronically controlled four‐wheel drive, "two‐wheel drive" with good fuel economy, "four‐wheel driveAuto" always distributing driving force to the front and rear wheels according to the road surface condition, strong force even on slippery roads such as bad roads, snowy roads and uphill roads It is free to switch to 3 drive mode of "four‐wheel drive LOCK".

It is a dial formula that can be done easily even while driving. There are no other base cars that are suitable for such a car journey.

D: 5 (2200CC) equipped with a new clean diesel engine shows fuel efficiency nearly 13 liters even in real driving, boasting fuel-saving performance considering environmental pollution. Of course, we use diesel fuel cheaper than regular gasoline as fuel, so cost performance is good. In addition, steady and quiet running on town streets and highways promises comfort that traditional diesel engine cars could not taste.

It is also a big feature that the car body is compact and easy to operate. I'd like to ride a camper, but I often hear the voice that I am not confident of driving because it is large in size. This delica is easy to drive even for women and elderly people.

It is even smaller than Hiace's body, so it is possible to drive narrow streets of Japanese old castle town. Also, since the height of the deck is lower than Hiace, it is also the principle to get on and off.


Supporting that stable running is a strong body structure traditionally by Delica.

The rib bone frame which wraps the whole body in a thick riblike shape suppresses shaking, blurring and distortion, giving a great sense of security.

With the goodness of the undercarriage and the body rigidity, we did not forgive the follow-up of other one box cars, and added a convenient sleeping function to Delica D: 5 with comfortable running performance, the finest car midnight car was completed.

It is "D: POP" with a camper that attaches a pop-up roof to the ceiling of the Delica D: 5. The finished car named the car now has grown into a popular car all in one.

Advantages of pop-up roof function

It can make increase your sleeping spaces (at maximum, you can sleep in 2 adults and 2 children in a pop-up roof)

Thermal insulating effect and mesh

Comfortable space without air conditioning even in summer due to the breathability of the window

Housing space without pressure feeling as it can secure the height (you can change clothes while standing in the car)

In the camping area, you can taste extraordinary like a tent even in the middle of a car, further ease of setup and withdrawal.

Finally, our pop-up VAN Mitsubishi Motors Delica D: 5 "D: POP" has the following two options.

1) Sub battery system 105 Ah

Install 105 Ah sub battery under chassis

The sub-battery was installed in the chassis section under the body, so that there was no extra protrusion on the floor inside the cargo compartment.

A 105 Ah deep cycle battery is equipped as standard with the sub-battery, along with a running charging system that charges automatically during driving.

2) FF heater

Everspher AirTronic

Heating capacity is 0.85 - 2.2 Kw, fuel consumption is 0.1 - 0.28 L / h, and fuel consumption is about 2.4 L even when using for 8 hours.

Because fuel economy is good, you can use heater without worrying about fuel.

Of course, you can stop the engine and use a heater with a sub battery.

3) D: 5 dedicated rotating seat

Delica D: 5 front seats (driver's seat, front passenger's seat) are rotated 180 degrees with one touch,

It makes possible to sit down facing each other front seat to the second benchseat (three people). Delica D: 5 We will make the room of a more convenient space.


■ Capacity

 Boarding / 7~8 people

 Going to bed / 2~4 people

■  Size

 Full length:4,730mm

Full width:1,790mm

 Total height:1,870mm

■  Original · flat sheet


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV WITH electric camp


 DAILY RATE ¥ 7,000 
The camp is cold in winter, is not it!
But, because Outlander PHEV has 100V AC power supply, cold winter camp is also a bit too late. Because the battery capacity is large, you can use various household appliances.
It consumes electricity the most when consuming electricity, it is uneasy if the battery capacity is small, but if it is a maximum of 1500 W, you can use various appliances simultaneously if you pay attention to the combination.
Moreover, when the battery becomes empty, it can generate power with the engine.
(In circumstances, engine noise may be annoying)
Why can camps electrify with this outlander PHEV? The answer lies in the 100 V AC power supply provided in the two car interior. With the power of the driving battery, home appliances can be used freely anytime, anywhere.
Electrify the camp with this electric energy and let's stay comfortably in winter.
Electric blankets, electric pods, electric stoves and other options are also available in abundance.


Cheep VAN TOYOTA Hiace 


DAILY RATE ¥ 7,000

It is a 9-seat rider.

Two people use,When you clean up all the sheets in the luggage compartment.

Vertical 243 cm

Width 154 cm

It is spacious and it is possible to sleep in the car.

of course,

It can also be used with 9 passengers.

Even if you get on the second and third rows,

It is possible to load plenty of luggage.

DX ■ 9-seater · 4-door
Engine 2800 diesel
Drive four wheel drive
Transmission 6 A / T
Load capacity 850K

Camper Van 『DELICA with Trailer』


The type of the car towing a camping trailer.
Head car is DELICA or Outlander.

"Ace Caravans Ace One 330 DL" is a compact trailer perfect for entry model.
Because it is made of light weight and high quality material, it is lightweight yet it is possible to sleep 4 people and realizes a sufficient indoor space that the family can relax.
Equipped with gas stove, sink, fridge and sub battery

Vehicle size Length 589 cm Width 218 cm Height 245 cm 6 people sleeping

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