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Camper van REGARD


5 Nights
Furano Road Trip



アンカー 1
About Reantal Fee
A:Insurance with no refund payment 
¥1,500/ 1day
This insurance  covered the damage to the camper equipment
ex)door,fun,freze, fridge etc
B:Disclaimer compensation system 
 ¥1,500/ 1day

If you join this system, you will be exempted from paying your own expense (¥100,000 vehicle compensation charge ) in the accident which is covered by the insurance.
If more than one accident has occurred at the same lending, it is the application of only the first accident.
After Rental, you can not cancel this insurance.
International driver's ( people who have international driver licence)have to buy this insurance of both A and B.
Its the essential requisites for a rental car contract.
Insurance fee refunding
 The payment of premium will be totally refunded if the insurance contact is terminated under the circumstance of camp car rental contract has been cancelled.
     The payment of premium will not be totally or partially refunded if the insurance contact become valid under the circustance of camp car rental contract has been executed.

”Busy season”  are refer to  Golden Week Holidays(27th of April-8th of May), July 1 ~ September 25, and Silver Week and,Holidays and New year's holidays,2th of February 2019~10th of February 2019
December 30,2018 - January 2, 2019.
Please inquiry our staff for further information about the holidays.
If there is no return even after the business hours,It will be added to 1000 yen per 30 minutes.
※Consumption tax is not included in Rental fee.
※Make sure to fill up the fuel tank when you return the camper
Welcome to RentacanHokkaido.
It is safe in Japan and you can stay at your favorite parking lot.
Furano, Niseko ski resort. Please go to the place you like. Considering hotel cost and railway pass fee is very affordable.

About Insurance



Why did we choose Reard as the main rental car?

There are many Japanese camper cars,

The Regard we chose is not cheap, rather it goes into a luxury car class

Specialize in special vehicles such as Japanese fire engines

Yokohama Motor Sale made a camper "Regard".

Why did you choose Regard as the main rental car?

I am often asked.

From the people of the industry, you were ridiculed as being ridiculous and reckless.

However, we do not care about such evaluation at all.

Because it is not pursuing only profit through this project.

We believe that safe operation of customers is important, if anything else.

If we strongly adhere to sales and profits strongly,

Any type of cars, cheap secondhand camper,

At that time, purchase the cheapest camper which was exhibited in the auction market.

As a result, camper rental,

One unit and one unit will be different models.

Then it is inefficient, how can we ensure safety?

We did not want to be a company without such a policy.

We do not necessarily need to rush, increase the number and become a big company.

Instead, we provide steady, safe camper and services.

I would like to be a rental camper, a specialized company.

The goal is as follows.

It is a customer borrowing our camper, there are few single people.

Some customers, along with important partners, two people.

And most customers are with their family.

Even so, as a large family, there were five or six people on board,

Go over a series of camper cars.

It is full of people who know the pleasure of such a trip.


When traveling on a camper, the car rolls over.

Such an accident should not be raised absolutely.

of course,

Driver's person, please drive safely.

It drives a camping car not normally riding,

Because I run the first land.

From here, it is a bonus,

It is a detailed explanation of our company's proud safety technology of Regard.

Those who have time, please read them.

1, low center of gravity

To lengthen the rear overhang, load was not applied as much as possible, and in order to realize a weight distribution close to the ideal, the load was distributed to the front axle and the wheel base was extended by 205 mm.

The water of the water supply tank with the center of gravity 200 mm behind the rear axle is 80 mm in the front, the movement of the center of gravity is kept to a minimum even if the drain tank is moved, and the weight change in the axial direction is minimized. Effectiveness.

A total of 6 places (excluding the inside of the under-floor seat) were installed as standard under the floor, about 137 L.

A total of two external storage compartments on the left and right sides of the main body are also set down 375 mm below the general floor.

The storage compartment can lower the position of the floor, lower the center of gravity with the placed goods, and experience driving stability further.

Shift the fuel tank downward from both the reference height 50 mm and the spare tire 60 mm to lower the center of gravity further.

※ Frequency calculated value 42 ° (measured value 36.2 °)

2. Weight balance in front and back, left and right (balanced design with less influence of load movement due to change in use)

Designed the basic floor surface of the room of 63 mm low from the top of the frame.

The bottom of the large storage at the rear of the double bottom is down 400 mm from the general floor by down frame.

The floor of the rear of the cargo compartment creates a large storage space that is 250 mm lower than the general floor.

3, weight saving (dry construction weight 1000 kg or less)

According to the downward transfer design of the heavy article, the floor unit is formed stepwise and the tire house, the water supply tank, the underfloor storage, the shower pan, the second and the third seat base are integrally molded.

Because the shape is undulating more than ever, the rigidity of the floor is further improved, making the subframe compact.

We realized total weight and light weight.

The body wall is R-shaped, enhancing rigidity by sandwiching urethane.

We reduced weight by reducing the number of crates. In particular, we realized a reduction in the upper part of the car body. This helps to reduce roll.

Shift the fuel tank downward from both the reference height 50 mm and the spare tire 60 mm to lower the center of gravity further.

4, pursue a highly stable body design

In order to realize an unprecedented stylish silhouette, we entrusted the basic design planned internally to the car designer and kept its shape faithfully. I lost the upper part of the driver's seat and improved the straight running stability of driving.

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